upgrade your individual and team Operating System


don't we already have a personal OS?

Did you know you have a personal operating system (OS)? For a computer the OS is the code beneath the code, the fundamental instructions which tell the computer how to handle any given input. Our personal OS is comprised of a series of mental models, based on the memory-record of what’s worked for us in the past.  The confidence we place in these models helps us to quickly form our default responses to the world around us. While everyone has an OS, some operating systems are clearly better than others.

what do great companies do?

Today’s most stellar companies are known for innovation, speed and cultures which provoke divergent thinking. These companies have created a culture where ideas are central, valued and tested. These companies routinely out-think their competitors and delightfully startle the world. They are the envy of HR departments world-wide. Working for one of these companies is a privilege and can be touted as a badge of honor, or a personal endorsement of your competence and value.

what would go into a superior OS?

Creating an Operating System for an effective Idea Culture is quite complex. It needs to promote individual thinking as well as teamwork. It needs to engage everyone’s passion, creativity and diversity. It needs to promote trust and hold people accountable for results. It needs to be both objective and subjective. It needs to be anchored to reality yet inspire new possibilities. It must be problem aware and solution focused. It needs to be both fair and rewarding. It needs to be lofty, creative and imaginative without losing its grounding to budgets, resources, and abilities. It needs to be fun, engaging, playful and above all productive. In short, it needs to work!

can it be made simple?

A simple solution which does not address the true complexity of the challenge is no solution at all. However, if you could achieve a simple solution which addresses all the problem’s complexity, then you have something which is not only elegant but precious. Let us introduce you to just such an Operating System, os9EQ. 

os9EQ - highlights

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