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work has changed

"Going to Work" used to mean doing something physical.  Physical-work is conducted in a shared workplace and is managed by someone in authority.  Physical-work is observable and its output is measurable.  Physical-work is easily accelerated by simply adding more people. 

most of us now think for a living

More than half our modern workforce are categorized as knowledge workers. Thinking-work occurs in the private mind-space of an individual.  It's motivated by passion not punishment and defies being managed.  Its value is not in its quantity of output, but the quality of what it learns and discovers.  

it's time to update the toolkit

Physical-work and intellectual-work are not only different, they are oppositional to each other.  That means whatever we do to promote the one, inhibits the other. To truly tap the vast potential of our knowledge workers we need the right tools for today.

experience a paradigm shift

It's very difficult to understand a new concept until you've had first-hand experience with it. Knowing is doing. "A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions" (Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.)

hands-on workshops

We invite you to lead your knowledge-workers in a hands-on workshop where we model effective knowledge work practices.  You bring the team and the task.  We bring the facilitator, the process and tools.  Once mastered, the skills you acquire will benefit every new thinking task you encounter.

speaking events and engaging retreats

Expose your people to these important concepts through an engaging insightful and entertaining speech or offsite retreat.  Neuvante Solutions was founded by Douglas O. Harris PhD a pioneer and leader in knowledge-work management.  For a "mind walk" check out the blog entries on this website.

here's our approach to thinking-work

Dream Big

Get Engaged

Get Grounded

Get Grounded


Effective intellectual work involves engaging your team, engaging their passion and engaging their energy. We use exercises which help your team focus on what they are doing, why they are doing it and what results they must achieve.


Pay the price

Get Grounded

Get Grounded

Get Grounded


Big lofty dreams are not helpful if they ignore the realities of your current situation.  We help your team explore the facts, diagnose why they matter and identify the gaps between their current reality and the vision they have helped create.

Receive the gift

Get Results

Get Grounded

Get Results


Dreaming is fun. Getting grounded is heavy lifting.  But the real value of our exercises is learning how to receive the gift.  We are talking about the "Aha!" moment when all of the hard work pays off.  We can't say where it comes from, but come it does.

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